Till All Are One

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Danica McKeller - voice actress of Miss Martian from Young Justice - proves she also does a perfect Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Don’t forget to vote for her on the Dancing with the Stars website, Facebook page, and by calling 800-868-3403.


Soundwave : by Ken Christiansen

One at a Time, Smallville by Harseik


One at a Time, Smallville by Harseik


You’re my best friend , you’re my home. And you are my true love. And I am yours and will be forever  
-Lois Lane

LOIS: [She reaches into one of the shopping bags and pulls out the world’s teeniest, tiniest bikini.] ...Bermuda.
CLARK: [Clark’s eyes widen at the image that comes to his mind.] Golly.
Superman III

There is a full lunar eclipse tonight. Want to invade the water tribe?


now is the time.

Katara was right.  He couldn’t be trusted.

The opening battle of X-Men: Days of Future Past, featuring Blink (one of my personal favorites for the past twenty years), Sunfire, Shadowcat, Bishop, Colossus, and Iceman.  It looks like they’re fighting not just any Sentinel, but … Nimrod?!