Till All Are One

Stan Sakai sketching his creation Miyamoto Usagi at the Usagi Yojimbo panel, Saturday, Sept. 8 at Baltimore Comic Con 2013.  After he finished his sketch, he said, “Wow, that’s terrible!”  Later, he told the secret origin of the first Usagi Yojimbo action figure from the TMNT toyline; he, Eastman, and Laird were sitting next to each other at a convention in the 1980s when E&A asked, “Hey, Stan, do you want an action figure?”  Stan: “Okay.”  E&A:  “Have your people contact our people.”  But, as Stan said, he had no people!  So Eastman and Laird hooked him up with “some people,” the deal was made, and the profits from the action figure enabled Stan to put on addition to his house.  Stan was a funny, good-natured guy.  It was a pleasure to attend his panel.